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New Natural Stone Walling

New Walling Stone
New Natural Stone Walling
Genuine new Yorkshire stone
Available in various sizes

Beautiful natural colouring
Large quantities available
Proven durable for many many years
Superior quality
A Natural Product

Bingley Stone can provide a wide range of new walling stone types.

Below you will find an example of the range of stones we offer. New stone can be supplied in many forms, in stone from many different quarries. The examples below aim to give an indication of what we can offer.

All our new walling stones are made from high quality Yorkshire stone to ensure an excellent degree of durability and protection from the elements.

Sawn Bed Natural Pitched Faced Yorkstone

Widely used in todays new construction sites. Sawn bed walling stone offers uniformity and ease of use.

Sawn bed refers to part of the process in producing this type of walling stone. Huge blocks of stone are mechanically sawn into large sheets either 140mm thick or 215mm thick. The masons will then cut these large sheets of stone into walling size pieces and then dress the front face to produce the finished walling stone.

We offer the following types of sawn bed walling stone.

Yorks - Fine

A fine grained natural Yorkshire stone. Supplied nationwide this stone has proven durable for in excess of 150 years.

Lovely natural colouring and produced to a high standard. Available in the following sizes.
140mm Coursed
215mm Coursed
Yorks - Grit

A lovely Yorkshire grit stone available in large quantities in either of the following sizes.

140mm Coursed
215mm Coursed
Random Coursed
Sawn bed walling suggestions.

1) 140mm coursed

2) 140 & 215mm mixed coursed
Natural Bed Pitched Faced Yorkstone

Natural bed a term used to describe the plane on which the stone is split. Yorkstone blocks of a certain type have beds running right through them. The blocks can be split along these beds, or planes to provide sheets of stone with a naturally flat top and bottom.The mason can then cut these large sheets of stone into walling size pieces and then dress the front face to produce finished walling stones.

Natural Bed Walling

A fine grained natural Yorkshire stone produced in the traditional way.

Natural bed walling stone is by definition made to natural and varied sizes. Generally courses range from 50mm to 150mm but other sizes can be made to order.

Natural bed walling suggestions.

1) random coursed

2) random with jumpers
Random Yorkstone Walling

Random Yorkstone walling. The same high quality Yorkshire stone as with the other types of walling but a little more varied in its dimensions. The new random yorkstone walling is available in different forms, an indication of which is given below.


Natural Random

A High quality natural Yorkshire stone produced in the traditional way typical of rural buildings around Yorkshire.

Popular with new builds and barn conversions this walling stone offers lots of character and style at affordable prices.

Random Dry stone

Dry stone walling - Used all over the Yorkshire dales. Our Yorkshire stone dry stone walling is available in large quantities and provides a price efficient option for natural stone walling full of charm and beauty.

Rubble Walling

New rubble walling - Popular in many parts of the country rubble walling has a delightful character and is used in walls, buildings, and homes across the country. Our Yorkshire stone rubble walling is available in large quantities and enables price efficient walling with natural beauty and charm.

These illustrations are intended to give an indication of the colouring. As always with any natural stone there will be colour variations. With this in mind we recommend selecting stones from different pallets to ensure a distribution of colours.

Note: Colours may vary due to your monitor & printer settings.
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